Truth Tablets: “Short Stories of Truth”
“Speak your truth. It will help set yourself and others free.”

This blog was inspired by true life events and experiences. In 2016 I struggled with walking depression. I went most of that year externally appearing to be ok but internally, I was suffering and not feeling like my genuine upbeat self due to a number of personal issues from my past and present. It was also my first year where I struggled with writing. I was drained, stagnant, and unable to express myself creatively. This was devastating for me because I had been writing since I could remember and storytelling was always my space for peace during difficult times. When I was unable to write, I truly felt like a huge part of my being was missing. Thankfully, towards the end of 2016 I began therapy which removed that writers block and mountain of depression. The irony is, my pain was partly cured with narrative therapy where I was encouraged to speak and write down the things I had endured as a way to confront, overcome, and more importantly heal.

On a creative level, the purpose of this blog is to help me grow in the art form of short story telling, and eventually publish these stories as a collection. On the first Tuesday of every month I’ll release a new story for you to read, #TrueStoryTuesday. This blog will also serve as a tool to keep me consistently writing no matter what. On another level it’s also for YOU — the reader. I hope that these stories make you realize that you are not alone during the process and drama we call life.  We all endure difficult as well joyful moments in life and there is power when we are courageous enough to share them. I encourage you to not only read these stories but to engage with them; connect with the themes that are expressed and think critically about the life lessons you have learned thus far on your own personal journey. I hope you receive these stories with an open mind, a willing heart, and joyful spirit.

Enjoy & God Bless.

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